Mohamed Moshtohry

Graduate Student


Mohamed Moshtohry, a physics PhD. student at NC State University. I got my bachelor's degree in Egypt at UST-ZC, in theoretical particle physics. My interest in biophysics sparked in my senior undergraduate year at Aboul-ela's lab, the Center of X-ray Determination of the Structure of Matter. We worked on modeling the folding mechanism of the SAM-I riboswitch, using X-ray crystallography along with stochastic simulations. So, I switched to biophysics in my PhD. believing that with the right mindset, you can answer the hardest questions, you just got to learn how to think, which I hope I learned in my undergraduate physics studies.

In my graduate career, I joined Mary Elting's lab, where we are working on combining the results of laser ablation experiments along with computational and molecular models to generate a mathematical model of the contractile forces of the acto-myosin ring formed during cell division of eukaryotic cells.

Hobbies include, but are not limited to: writing screenplays, wildlife photography, sharp cooking skills, making music, football (soccer), making lists and a little bit of cinematography.