14 Jan 2020 by mwelting

We've had a bunch of new lab members join since our last update!

First, Grant Sherrill joined the Elting Lab last summer. An NCSU undergraduate physics major, he's working on a project to examine force in S. pombe mitotic spindles.

Rae Fulkerson also joined the lab in the summer as a research technician. Since then, she's been working on various molecular biology projects, dramatically increasing our overall organization, and regaling us with fun science facts of the week.

Finally, Sophia Webster joined the group last fall. She's bravely agreed to do a joint postdoc with 4 PIs (in addition to Mary, the project is mentored by Julio Belmonte, Caroline Laplante, and Greg Reeves), connected to the Quantitative and Computational Developmental Biology cluster at NCSU. Her project involves examining how mechanics help pattern the developing Drosophila embryo.