Congrats to Elting lab undergraduate Ana Sofia for winning a Goldwater Scholarship! Ana Sofia has engaged in research both in the Elting lab and with an REU at the University of Chicago. See this great profile of Ana Sofia for more info about her work.

All three undergraduate in the Elting Lab - Elizabeth Davis, Ana Sofia Uzsoy, and Parsa Zareiesfandabadi - presented posters in the McCormick Symposium, which showcases undergraduate research in the Physics department at NCSU. A special congratulations to Parsa, whose poster won 3rd place!

Congratulations to Parsa for receiving a grant from the NCSU Office of Undergraduate Research to fund his summer research in the lab!

Last minute talk prep, somewhere between Philadelphia and Boston

When Boston found itself under several inches of snow, Mary traveled for 12 hours in planes, trains, and automobiles to reach the American Physical Society March Meeting. (The travel, or at least the train part, was more fun than it sounds!) While there, she gave a talk on work in the lab from Marc Begley and Elizabeth Davis on "Probing the mechanical organization of k-fiber microtubule bundles within the mammalian mitotic spindle via targeted laser ablation and speckle microscopy."

In February, Mary braved the cold and traveled to South Bend, IN to give an invited seminar in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at Notre Dame.

Marc and Mohamed gave a shared NCSU Physics Complex Matter and Biophysics seminar on their progress on "K-Fiber Dynamical Response to Molecular and Mechanical Perturbations" and "Laser Ablation to Probe Furrow Ingression Mechanisms in Schizosaccharomyces Pombe," respectively. Great job, Marc and Mohamed!

In December, the Elting Lab hired our sixth lab member, Shannon Harris. Shannon is a Masters student in the Biotechnology program at NCSU and will be a half-time technician in our lab. Welcome to Shannon!

Mary traveled to San Diego, CA to the American Society of Cell Biology meeting in December to present Marc and Elizabeth's work on the mechanics of the mammalian k-fiber, in a poster titled "The mechanical organization of the mammalian k-fiber, probed via targeted laser ablation and speckle microscopy."